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Unusual Backgrounds: The Chosen One

Unusual Backgrounds: The Chosen One

 Chosen One
Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Religion
Languages: 1 of your choice
Tool Proficiency: 1 of your choice
Equipment: Staff, wooden holy symbol, traveler’s clothing, pouch with ten gold pieces

You have embarked upon a divine-mandated mission to lead your people on some promised destiny. You have experienced a vision or felt a call that goes beyond your own will.  There is a pull that draws you forward, for weal or for woe, into your journey. 

Feature: Divine Revelation
You have received a divinely inspired revelation in your dreams. Some hidden insight has been bestowed upon you, powerful enough to change the social order under the right consequences. But this information comes with the price of responsibility: you have been charged with a great task of leading your people through trial and tribulations as set forth in the prophecy of your dream.

Work with your DM to figure out the details of the revelation and the impact it might have. The exact nature of this revelation and the information that was revealed will depend upon the gods and the circumstances under which the vision occurred.  

Personality Traits (1d8)
1.       A moral lesson is best taught in the form of a story.
2.       Whenever I answer a question, I ask another one.
3.       I always forgive those who wrong me.
4.       I look forward to when this is all over so I can go back to a normal life.
5.       Although it may seem odd, I’m a natural skeptic.
6.       Although I help others, I also try to teach them to help themselves.
7.       I strive to avoid violence when possible.
8.       I speak of a future of fire and brimstone that may only be avoided by drastic action.

Ideals (1d6)
1.       Zealotry (Any) I am a servant to the cause.
2.       Salvation (Good) I hope to bring the world to a better tomorrow.
3.       Achievement (Neutral) I shall do great things in this world.
4.       Glory (Chaotic) The world shall know my greatness.
5.       Hatred (Evil) The streets will flow with the blood of the nonbelievers.
6.       Ritual (Lawful) The traditions are to be obeyed.

Bond (1d6)
1.       Every act I take serves my deity.
2.       All creatures are worth of salvation.
3.       Enduring my tribulations will bring me to a higher state of consciousness.
4.       My people come first.
5.       I hope to honor those whom came before me.
6.       Someday I shall become a great power in my own right.

Flaw (1d6)
1.       Despite the revelation I received, I’m still riddled with doubt.
2.       Ever since I’ve received my vision, I’ve felt hollow without it, even when performing my assigned duties.
3.       No sacrifice is too great to achieve my promised destiny.
4.       I have a secret vice that contradicts the message of my faith.
5.       I can’t help but point out the flaws in others.
6.       I become indignant to those who doubt my mission.

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