Wednesday, August 3, 2016

D&D Goblinoid/Orcs/Etc Homebrew Resources

Oldschoolish D&Dish Homebrew Resources- Goblinoids and Other Monstrous/Savage Humanoids (Giant-kin, Gnolls, Orcs, etc)

Gathered together for future game reference. Feel free to suggest others.

 Goblin Enchantress at Le Chaudron Chromatique
Manrider Alchemist at Goblin Punch

Gadgets and Generators (See also: "Random Tables" below)
Goblin Doors at Abulafiah
Random Humanoid Horde- Abulafiah

General Information
Behold the Blingdingel at Wampus Country
Ecology of the Bugbear at Hack and Slash
Ecology of My Goblins, or How I make Goblins Fun at Searching for Magic
Ecology of the Kobold at Hack and Slash
Ecology of the Orc at Hack and Slash
Ecology of the Troll at Hack and Slash
The Goblin Article at Basic Red
God Hates Orcs at Goblin Punch
Halfling and Goblins at Goblin Punch
Kappas at Basic Red
Kobolds More Like NOBOLDS at Basic Red
Legends of Pahvelorn: Doorcreepers at Necropraxis
Names of the Orc at Basic Red
Of Manuals and Goblins at Dungeon of Signs 
Meditations on the Bugbear at Dungeon of Signs
Monster Archaeology- Large Humanoids
Monster Archaelogy- Small Humanoids
Orcs Are a Disease at Dungeon of Signs
An Orcish Prayer at Goblin Punch
Ogres and Their Kin at Goblin Punch
Ogres of Wampus Country
A Plague of Goblins at From the Sorcerer's Skull
Thouls and Owlbears at Dungeon of Signs

Monster Entries and Subtypes
Blobblins at Goblin Punch
Goblin Collectors at Le Chaudron Chromatique 
Gretchlings and Grues at Goblin Punch
Hollow Goblin (+ Hollow Hermit) at Le Chaudron Chromatique
Spider-Goblins (Hexenbracken) at Gaming, It Happens
Tooth Fairies at Goblin Punch
Yoblins, Funglybears, and Filth Libraries at Goblin Punch

PC Races
Bullywug at Hack and Slash
Gnolls at Hack and Slash
Halfling and Goblins at Goblin Punch
Savage Races at False Machine 

The Greatest and Deadliest of Goblins at Basic Red
Griffin Street Irregulars at Wampus Country

Goblin Arena at Goblin Punch
Yoblintown at Goblin Punch

Random Tables
1d6 Goblin Traps at Goblin Punch
1d8 Goblin Weapons at Goblin Punc
Gads of Goblin Goodies at Land of Nod
Goblin Tribe Generator
Humanoid Traits Table at A Hamsterish Hoard
Mixing Liquids from Orc Spawning Pools with Healing Potions at Le Chaudron Chromatique
Random Starting Equipment for Goblins at Gaming, It Happens
Thouls and Owlbears at Dungeon of Signs
What Does That Broken Goblin Machine Do? at Rolang's Creeping Doom
What's in that Dead Orc's Pockets? at Jeffs Gameblog
 WTF Are Those Goblins Doing? at Goblin Punch
 Yoblintown at Goblin Punch

The Seven Deadly Stinks at Goblin Punch