Monday, December 1, 2014

Antiseptis, God of Cleaning (Part 1)

(The Master of Clean, the Purifier, The Spotless Lord)

 Alignment: Neutral
Holy Symbol: A flask with a dispensing handle and nozzle

Deific Rank: Demigod (gradually transforming into Lesser God)
Superior: Sylvia Grundy (The Risen Moralizer, the Maiden Who Cleans the Swamp)
Allies: Menthok (The Bad Breath Taker! The Freshmaker!  WOOOWOOOOWOOO!)
Enemies: Various minor deities of rot, decay, and dirtiness
Portfolio: Benign Household Spirits, Cleanliness, Clean Living, Cleaning Products, (Nuanced) Truth in Speech, Shed Snakeskins (serpent people, most likely apocryphal)
Favored Minions: Celestial Scrubbing Bubbles (Oozes)

Typical Worshippers: Gong farmers, hygienists, homemakers, monastics, servants, sewer cleaners, street sweepers

Antiseptis is a relatively new and weak god, having ascended to true divinity from rather humble origins as a tutelary (personal household spirit) of cleaning.  Word is, the Master of Clean was such a master at cleaning that word spread like wildfire of his usefulness.  And so his domain spread from one hearth to the neighborhood and outward from there into multiple worlds, raising Antiseptis into full divinity.

Antiseptis is a god of cleanliness, both metaphorical and literal.  He prefers everything to be spic and span, every reflective surface to be so well polished it shines.  The Spotless Lord prefers his faithful to have live cleanly, not letting personal vices adulterate those who worship him. At the same time, Antiseptis also instructs his flock (called Grimefighters) to go out and make the world a cleaner place- purify the unhygienic, purge the world of its corruptions and lies. 
A Grimefighter who's not too worried about getting his hands dirty

Despite its martial stance on the War on Grime, The Clean Church of Antiseptis maintains a rather humble profile, perhaps both because of the Spotless Lord’s rather humble beginnings as well as its relatively recent creation.  A typical grimefighter carries him or herself with a quiet, dignified sense of confidence, even as she or he cleans the most disgusting of latrines. Antiseptis prefers to reach out to the people of the most modest beginnings first, but he holds no great class bias.  He does show distaste for ostentation beyond abundant shiny surfaces, for too much ostentation clutters and dirties both his temple and his follower’s souls. 

A halfling follower of the Spotless Lord

 Divine Relationships

The Spotless Lord’s relations with other deities are not as clean as he would like. His superior in the Cleanly Trinity is (Miss) Sylvia Grundy, a Lawful deity of Moral Uprightness, Revitalization, Revivalism, Resurrection, and Swamps.  Her often dour demeanor conflicts with Antiseptis’ generally laid back nature. 

Miss Sylvia Grundy can be a harsh taskmistress.

On the other hand, his equal is Menthok, a Chaotic deity of shininess, good smells, psionic cleansing, and perkiness.  Methok’s melodramatic nature is apparent in his self-named titles: The Bad Breath Taker! and the Freshmaker!. (These titles always have an exclamation point at the end).   

Methok the Freshmaker, as he is depicted by his Freshbringer Faithful, is always shown as larger than life.
Menthok, as he is depicted by his allies. This is probably a more accurate depiction.

As for Antiseptis’ enemies, they include various gods of dirtiness, rot, decay, and infection. The Spotless Lord makes it a habit of not directly challenging major deities (such as Vorn) who have established themselves as respected members of the local pantheons (and thus are clean.)  For their parts, most major gods consider the Spotless Lord insignificant and not worth their time.  Of this, Antiseptis is thankful.

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