Thursday, October 18, 2018

Using Google Take Out to Save All Your Google Plus Posts

There's been a lot of talk on G+ in the impending G+pocalypse about saving posts with Take Out. I thought a guide on how to export everything into individual html files might help. Step by step guide below. This guide is for computer web browsers.

        1. In the upper right hand screen, click on your portrait. When the box comes up. Click the blue “Google Account” button
        2. In the new tab that pops up, look under “personal info and privacy”. Click “control your content”

    3. Under the box that says “download your data”, click “create archive”.

     4. Select data you want to include by hitting the toggles on or off. There are many things you might want to include such as “drive” and “Google Photos”. However, for the purposes of getting your Google + posts, be sure to toggle on “Google + Stream”.

    When you have everything, click the blue “Next” button at the bottom.

        5. On the next screen, you can select a few archival options for the archive/zip file, including the delivery method. It defaults to sending you it via email. When you’re ready, click the blue “create archive” button.

        6. You’ll be taken to a screen showing the (probably very slow) progress. You don’t need to keep this window open, but you can cancel the archive if you choose.
     7. Wait for the archive to be created. (You should get an email when it’s ready). Download the file.
    8.  After you open the file, click on the Google + Stream folder and then under posts. They will be there as individual html files.
    9. Be sure to check the zip file index file to see if anything didn’t make it into the file.

    If something has failed, there will be a white exclamation point on a red circle. Click on it to see what didn’t make it.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Titles for Undead Potentates

A list of (semi-rhyming) titles for undead leaders and nobles


Aristocrat of Bodaks
Despot of Deathknights
Emperor of Vampires
Fraujaz of Dracoliches
Jarl of Draugr
King of Crypt Things
Knight of Wights
Magnate of Wraiths
Marquess of Spectres
Pharaoh of Huecuva
Princess of Liches
Shah of Shadows
Swami of Mummies
Tzar of Zombies

Monday, February 26, 2018

Venture Backgrounds: Ruined Child Adventurer

Venture Backgrounds: Ruined (Former) Child Adventurer
Skills: Acrobatics, Investigation
Languages: One of choice (preferably esoteric)
Toolset: One of choice

You continue the family business of intrepid adventuring. The problem is that you didn’t choose this life; you were forced into from a young age. Forced to endure brutal conditions and emotional tragedy from an early age, you are the shell of whom you might otherwise be. Unable to function in everyday society, you have turned back to what you know.

Feature: Fanfare of the Bygone Days
As the Folk Hero’s “Rustic Hospitality”, though it applies to followers of your bygone days of youthful heroism rather than the common folk in general.

Suggested Characteristics
Ruined child adventurers tend to have complex relationships with their pasts. On the one hand, the trauma of childhood adventuring tends to shred any normal functionality in a person’s life to pieces. On the other hand, such an arduous early life may also imbue the otherwise pitiable soul with a few rare skills. As such, the ruined former child adventurer may view their childhood with a mixture of nostalgia and loathing.

Personality Characteristics (1d8)

1.       The memory of my parents will never leave me, much as I’d prefer them to.
2.       I don’t get too attached to other people. I’ve seen all too often the hired help doesn’t last long.
3.       Despite my best attempts to deny it, I’m still sentimental about my youth.
4.       I know many things, and I’m always the first one to remind everybody.
5.       I have the great tradition to uphold.
6.       I’m always on the lookout for somebody to try the latest thing I’m working on.
7.       When I look about, I always see how better things used to be.
8.       Everybody looks at me like I’m a frickin’ fossil, but I still got the magic. I’m cool. I’m hip.

Ideal (1d6)

1.       Style (Neutral) Every adventurer has to have an equally great style.
2.       Wealth and Power (Evil) I’m not really a villain, am I?
3.       Discovery (Any) The truth is out there.
4.       Idealism (Good) We are not merely people of adventure; we are people of hope.
5.       Excitement (Chaotic) I can’t feel alive unless I’m tied to a chair with a weapon pointed at my head.
6.       Belonging (Any) The things I do for love.

Bond (1d6)

1. I grew up. I'm not a child adventurer. I have my own business, and my own family.
2. My parents’ murder remains murder remains my only unsolved case ever.
3. This is all a part of my therapy.
4. I’ll show my old folks what I can do.
5. I weep for my own lost sidekick.
6. My order was founded to protect and serve humanity’s best, not to be a guild of calamitous intent.

Flaw (1d6)

1.       When I think of those who wronged me, I want to see them burn. Sometimes I want to see the whole world burn.
2.       Some people call me an addict, but I gotta have my meds.
3.       I don't get to meet many people I’m attracted to, and when I do, they play games.
4.       Everybody says I don’t talk to people, that I talk at them. I say they don’t listen.
5.       I can’t let anything go. It never ends.
            6.    I will stop at nothing to avoid living in my predecessor’s shadow.