Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hexcrawl Index

Homebrew Hexcrawls and Hexcrawl Resources

This is just another index post with assorted links on hexcrawls, collected for quick reference.
* denotes most recent update.

Hexcrawls with keyed entries
Across the White Marsh at Blood & Bronze
Astral Marines: Patrol Section Omega (Vietnam-themed githyanki astral warfare)
Barbarian Prince at Save Vs. Total Party Kill (Incomplete)
Colossal Wastes of Zhaar at Save Vs. Total Party Kill (Desert)
Fallout themed map at Save Vs. Total Party Kill (Incomplete)
Frogstar Peninsula at Goblin Punch
Generic OSR Land (Here Be Cannibals!) at Against the Wicked City*
Gongburg Solitudes at Save Vs. Total Party Kill (Depression era themed)
Hexcrawl of the Marcher Lords
Hexenbracken at Save Vs. Total Party Kill
Kaltval at Save Vs. Total Party Kill (Incomplete)
Kingmaker rewrite as a 3 page hexcrawl at Against the Wicked City 
Isles of Mist at Ars Phantasia
Kraal at Save Vs. Total Party Kill (Frozen north type setting)
Lavendar Marshes at Save Vs. Total Party Kill
Sublight at I Don't Remember That Move (Desert/hinterlands of a terraformed Mars, sci-fi)
Synthexia at Save Vs. Total Party Kill (Gonzo space fantasy)
Unholy Land by Casey Garske
Urbancrawl at the Alexandrian 
The World at Elf Shot the Foot (Part 1, Part 2,  Map)

Hexcrawls, unkeyed or without hex specific entries
Bleakstone Campaign Setting at
Distant Lands of DIY (Compiled map of various DIY/OSR settings) at Throne of Salt*
Exile Island at Elfmaids & Octopi
Hexcrawl map at Mega Dungeon
Hyberborea At I Don't Remember That Move*
Isle of Dread Map Redone at Lost Atlases*
Lost Duchy of Gaeleth at Countersong
Warriors of the Red Planet at the Eye of Joyful Sitting
Xoghul, City Hex-Crawl map at the Weirdlands of Xhuul

Other resources
Have a Nice Trip at Goblin Punch (Random encounters)
Hexcrawl Tips at World Builder Blog
How I Hexcrawl at Lost Pages
Hexcrawl Resources at Ars Phantasia
Kievs at Games With Others (features a template of writing cities)