Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Hexenbracken: Welcome to Halcyon Springs!

Welcome to Halcyon Springs!

Art by Tyler Edlin

Welcome, honored seafarers and adventurers, to the great town of Halcyon Springs (Hex 0304), the gateway to the Isle of Mulk!  We are the Hexenbracken’s PREMIERE vacation destination!  So whether you seek thrilling excitement or merely to take a load off (especially if that load is excess coin), Halcyon Springs is THE place to stay! Be sure to visit our miraculous hot springs! You’ll find that all those impurities from the rough dungeon days will just melt away!

Fun for the whole party! (Source)

Halcyon Springs has something for the entire party! For the nature lovers, we have plenty of parks and sacred groves to explore and meditate at! Be sure to talk with ‘Bracken famous botanist and flower seller, Avana Rouncefield, whom even organizes expeditions from time to time! If you’re the more scholarly sort, be sure to visit the Oakheart Academy! Our avant-garde curriculum leaves nothing off the table! And if all you want is true adventure, our Dungeon Crawlerz Venture Tourism® will test the mettle of the best! Can you stand the heat?

The Official Maxcot for the Dungeon Crawlerz Venture Tourism®

And should you need to bill this as a business trip, our Venture Capital Market® is the best place to sign up for quests, charter McGuffin seekers, or even procure expedition funding from investors! And if you need hired help, please visit the Henchman’s Guild to contract some of the best redshirts the Hexenbracken has to offer!

Art by Wayne Reynolds

Halcyon Springs is 100% safe from unpaid for dangers! Any rumors your heard about rodentmen marauders are 100% FALSE! You won’t see them here- THOSE things are only for OTHER campaign settings! Our diligent constables are on hand to make sure you have only halcyon days at Halcyon Springs!

So what are you waiting for? Book tickets for your visit today!

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