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Facts Behind Light and Darkness: Addendum to a Perspective of Dissent from Church Doctrine

NOTE: This is an addendum to my earlier treatise on the Churches of Light and Darkness, collecting the chronology of events I have gathered relating to the early history of Ancient Akenia (and therefore the Twin Churches). Being mindful of the folkloric historical traditions of Ancient Akenia, I have not assigned exact dates but rather have compiled a broad but accurate order of events. In addition, there is a quick-reference list at the end of this document.
-Ahonlo Limn Defray, Dissident Theologian of the Murean Seminary of Wisdom

Chronology of Ancient Akenia

The Creation of the World- At the behest of the Creator,  the Dwarves,  under instruction by the Unterkin, build the world into existence.

One of the earliest representations of a God King

Rise of the Iron King- The Iron King is the first mortal to commune with the Profound Darkness.

The Creation of the Twin Lands- The Iron King creates the twin continents. Eons later we would know them as Akenia and Calian

The Age of Gods and Kings- Humanity serves beneath, and worships, the God Kings, a race of once normal mortals now imbued with the power of gods.  Magical power is channeled through these God Kings, whom act as patrons to dole out as they please. Their servants petition them for power in return for service. Of their servants, the Jian-Sa are perhaps the most favored peoples of the God Kings. During this period, no great rift between churches of light and darkness existed as it does today.

The Age of Gods and Kings was an age of wonders.

The Sealing of the Dia-Mind- The God Kings seal away the Dia-Mind in Yeso Island.  

The Creation of the Iron Crown – The Iron Crown is forged by the Iron King. The Madokami (or the being we would know today as the Madokami) is a contemporary and philosophical rival (as a servant of the Invincible Bright) of the Iron King. She observes the Iron King’s rampant greed and arrogance in creating the Crown and strongly disapproves.

The Wars of Rebellion: The exact causes are unknown, but humanity rises up against the God Kings to gain its independence.  The God Kings and their servants remain united against humanity, except for two (apparently unconnected) traitors: Algarnan, the rogue deva, and the Madokami, the goddess of mercy. 

A soldier's costume of the time

The Creation of the Grandesh: Algarnan forges the Grandesh, the God-Killer Blade, on behalf of the separatist humans.

The Defeat of the God Kings: The Iron King is slain by the Grandesh Sword. Fearing the will be next, the surviving God Kings abandon Akenia for parts unknown. However, they leave Asmodal in charge of wreaking their vengeance

The Age of Light and Darkness begins: Research begins on light and darkness magic in the wake of the gods abandoning Akenia.

The Sealing of Asmodal- Using the Seal Items, four heroes seal Asmodal away in his tower.

The Church of Light is established: The Great Pyrus (creator of the Shield of Pyrus, one of the legendary weapons used to take down Asmodal) founds the Church of Light

The Great Schism: Kaius, Pyrus’ sister, disowns him and goes on to form the Church of Darkness.

A modern Akenian depiction of Pyrus and Kaius (source)

Figures/Terms Of Note

Algarnan- a deva (a celestial servant of the Bright) who threw in with the rebel humans. He forged the Grandesh Sword, the God-Killer Blade.
Asmodal, the Twilight Prince, half-demonic, half-celestial, master of both Light and Dark magic, servant to the God-Kings and their tool of vengeance against humanity
Iron King, The- Creator of the Iron Crown. Said to be the first (and greatest?) God King there ever was. Was slain by the Grandesh Sword.
Invincible Bright, the- fancy name for the Light side of magic.
Jian Sa – an indigenous people of Yeso Island
Madokami, the- Once a philosophical rival of the Iron King but still nonetheless closely involved with him. Broke away from the rest of the God Kings to support humanity in their rebellion. Sometimes thought not to be a Goddess of Hope but rather a “deva of hope”.
Kaius- Sister to Pyrus before she disowned him; rebelled against his Church of Light and founded the Church of Darkness
Profound Darkness, The – fancy name for the Dark side of magic
Pyrus- aka “The Great Pyrus”, forged the Shield of Pyrus and established the Church of Light

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