Saturday, March 16, 2019

1d6 Crapsack Setting Ideas Based on Kids' Shows

The below was posted on G+, a summary of a Cracked article that took dark and dystopian interpretations of kid's shows.

1. Economic slump where educated criminals run outlandish schemes in the face of a failed meritocratic system of skill-> employment transitions. (Scooby Doo)
2. Crapsaccharine dystopia in the skies, unseen nightmarish landscapes below (the Jetsons)
3. A twin universe whose karmic pairing seems to eliminate free will (Darkwing Duck)
4.. A world where nobody decides when to have children, and where children grow up in isolation from peers (The Smurfs)
5. Eternal war brought on by the ability for anyone to gain temporary superpowers (Popeye)
6. You die and come back to haunt your old house, get bagged by for-profit spectral exterminators, and get condemned to eternal hell with the ghosts of murderers, gangsters, pirates, demons, elder things, and worse (The Real Ghostbusters)

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